** UNSUPPORTED WHEN ASSIGNED ** The ‚id‘ parameter of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Version 5 Release 2 (Command Line Administrative Interface, dsmadmc.exe) is vulnerable to an exploitable stack buffer overflow. Note: the vulnerability can be exploited when it is used in „interactive“ mode while, cause of a max number characters limitation, it cannot be exploited in batch or command line usage (e.g. dsmadmc.exe -id=username -password=pwd). NOTE: This vulnerability only affects products that are no longer supported by the maintainer.


CVSS 2: HIGH – 7.5 (Version: 2.0)
CVSS 3: CRITICAL – 9.8 (Version: 3.1)


NVD – CVE-2020-28198
CVE – CVE-2020-28198

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Quelle: NVD – CVE-2020-28198
Datum Veröffentlichung: 2021-05-06T20:15Z, Datum letzte Änderung: 2021-05-07T09:31Z